Sunday, 12 July 2015

The Enchanted IS HERE!

I know it's been years in the making, but it's finally here! Here's a trailer along with the first 3 episodes:

 - Jay

Emma hears a mysterious voice calling out her name. She thinks it might be a ghost as she's home alone, so she goes to investigate. She finds a mysterious chest that is locked by magic, which unlocks itself to give her access to what lies within - a ring, a crystal, and a necklace. An ancient scroll suddenly appears out of no were, blank at first, but writing begins to bleed onto the paper, and it reads "this necklace can give you power, but use cautiously for there are consequences" How did the necklace end up in her house, who sent it to her, and why?


After Emma finding the magical necklace and telling Josh about it, he can't keep it to himself and tells a mutual friend, Jess. They both visit Emma's house, to get their powers.


Josh opens up to Emma regarding him coming out to his parents, and how they reacted badly because he's gay. She assures him they'll come around, but he's not sure about it. After their brief talk Emma gives him his powers


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